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BuiltAbility provides a professional, expert medical billing, collection and administrative services for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete turnkey billing service from start to finish or just need temporary staffing our experienced medical billing and collection team is sure to impress you.

We have many years of experience in developing optimum denial management processes with the right inputs to get all your relevant departments working together, using common data and employing industry standards to create reliable benchmarks and attainable goals.. Our expertise working with commercial and government payers keeps us on top of the latest changes in procedures and codes. We routinely handle common issues like Medicare ADRs, and state-specific logistics

Your satisfaction is our only goal.


Everything we do, we do for our clients. We are highly skilled medical billing specialists who are dedicated to helping you handle the admin so you can do what you were born to do – heal and treat your patients.


Our team have 16 years combined medical billing and medical coding experience, we can make sure that all your claims are submitted correctly, each and every time. Our staff assist continuous trainings to keep abreast of industry change.


We have developed tools that help us keep an eye on every single denial that needs follow up. Only claims reaching insurance companies will be clean and error free.

We understand how much you need your money. Let us help you collect it.

In these challenging economic times, can you really afford to be losing money due to a poorly producing biller or billing processes?

Billing and collections are the life source of your company. With everything else they have to do besides billing, most billers don’t have the time to be as thorough as needed. Most billers have not been trained enough and have no where to turn for questions and concerns in regards to claims issues. Without an efficient biller or billing team, your collections decline and your hard work goes to waste.

We have a variety of health plan types to meet your needs and budget

BuiltAbility is a medical billing company for outsource solutions, offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution to improve your financial health and allow you to focus on clinical care and managing your business. We provide end-to-end medical billing management including patient input, coding, electronic claim submission, payment posting, denial management, collections and more

Also provides consultative services including credentialing, reviewing and negotiating insurance contracts, and developing and optimizing super-bills

Our experienced Specialist

Dr Antonio Irving

Head Of Medical Coding

Dr Brandon Currie

Senior Pathologist

Dr Paul Andrews

Coding Technician

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