7 Types Of Emails A Business Should Send To Their Potential Leads

Types Of Emails

Aren’t we all fed up with our mailbox being filled up with a barrage of emails? So are your customers! How do you ensure that your emails don’t end up getting ignored just like millions of emails every day? In such a situation, a brand needs to create an effective email marketing campaign.

A well-planned Email Marketing strategy can not only reach out to your potential customers but also help you in developing a keen interest in your products or services amongst your target audience.

Here are some types of emails given by HQL Solutions that can help you in catching your prospect’s attention in busy inboxes:

1. Informative Emails

You should always send out an informational email to create and maintain a connection with your prospects. This can help you to complete the conversion funnel at a much faster and higher rate. Such emails should include valuable content for your customers which helps you to increase brand awareness and credibility too.

Key benefits and effective uses of your product or service, and brand offerings can be sent out in informational emails. That’s a great way of customer retention.

Pro tip: Always ask them to share your emails with their friends and family who can find this information useful. It will help you in increasing your email subscribers.

2. Call-out Emails

Always try to urge your email subscribers to visit your website, follow you on your social media handles, subscribe to your blogs, connect on LinkedIn, or share your tweets on Twitter. It can help you in expanding your reach and awareness to a whole new level.

3. Digital Newsletters

Some companies offer recurring emails to their business leads which talk about the tips and information on various topics related to their brand objective. Such types of emails are usually sent out to the people who opted to receive them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as offered by the Email Marketing company. Make sure you maintain consistency with such emails because you can lose your client’s trust if not sent out on time.

You can write your newsletters on:

Some of the industries that should send out digital newsletters are Home services, Fashion, Health and Medical, Art and Design, Stock Market, etc.

4. Product Updates

Alert your customers about the new varieties and updates in your collection. This can attract existing as well as new audiences. Understand your target audience and their preferences before writing product emails. Using visuals can help you in gaining attention and thus increasing the readability and open rate as well.

5. Transactional emails

These emails are sent out to one person at a time based on a particular action such as purchase, subscription, return or refund, referral, and invitation, behavioral triggers, etc. These are usually automated and mostly used by E-commerce companies.

6. Seasonal Emails

Talk about seasonal offers, new discount codes, and upcoming sales to your customers. This will help you in creating awareness for your discounts and automatically increase sales for your product or service. Plan these and segment your email list to not miss out on any opportunity. The campaign should be created around the idea of your offering.

7. Teaser or Short Emails

If you want to build curiosity for your brand offering, short emails can be a great match for you. A simple one-liner sentence or a question along with an image can be rolled out. This forces the prospect to click on the email and read the whole story. However, these emails usually work best if your brand name is trustworthy and popular as well.

It is always advisable to send out different and new types of emails to your prospects and customers to not lose their attention and end up decreasing the open rates. Personalized emails can help your brand to evolve and make a connection directly with your customers. Analyzing reports and results of each type of mail can help you to understand which works the best for your company.

Why Email Marketing?

In today’s world, where every person has an email ID, email marketing campaigns are more likely to give higher ROI. In fact, Hubspot has stated that email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

HQL Solutions always adapts a personalized Email Marketing Strategy for your customers leaving no window for them to exit your email list. Contact us today and pace your business sales with Email Marketing Campaigns.

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