how can You use abm for b2b marketing ?

ABM for B2B Marketing


Should you consider including ABM in your marketing strategy?

If you are, then you might want to ask yourself which ABM approach you should choose to include in your B2B marketing strategy?

Wait, what’s meant by approaches in ABM?

Yes, there are different ways you can use ABM.. In this blog, we will introduce you to what these approaches are and help you understand which one is the best one for you.

If you are asking yourself these questions, read on as this blog will answer all these questions and give you an idea of which ABM approach suits you the best.

One-to-One approach:

You are likely to be familiar with the One to One approach in ABM. It is also known as strategic ABM.

This strategy has one or more marketers dedicated to single accounts which have the potential of giving you the highest revenue.

The marketers dive deep into client research and incorporate everything they can learn from it to understand every aspect of your client’s business.

Strategic ABM helps us design a highly personalized multi-channel strategy specifically designed for the target client.

An average number of accounts targeted with the strategic approach is 13. This approach costs significantly more than the other ABM approaches.

According to an ITSMA survey, 91% of its respondents practicing Strategic Account-Based Marketing reported higher ROI vs traditional marketing initiatives.

ABM Lite One-to-Few approach:

The one-to-few is an approach where a dedicated team of marketers target a group of 5-10 accounts.

These accounts are grouped based on commonalities such as their pain points, needs, attributes, challenges and many more.

Thus the strategies which would work for one account in this group will work for others in the group too making this approach work in a one to one ABM approach manner.

ABM Lite, another term for One-to-few approach, is used to target an average number of 50 accounts.

The ITSM survey found that 91% reported higher ROI with ABM lite vs traditional marketing initiatives.

One-to-Many approach:

One to many or Programmatic ABM approach sounds a lot like Traditional Marketing and is the answer to your question, is ABM scalable?

This approach, unlike the other two, allows you to target more than 100 accounts with the help of various technologies which play a vital role in helping you customize campaigns to specific accounts.

About 76% of ITSMA survey respondents reported better ROI from their Programmatic ABM vs traditional marketing.

Which one have you chosen?

Yes, ABM is not just a one to one strategy but a scalable one too and is best used with a blend of at least 2 of the approaches mentioned above. So which type are you going to use for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

And, if you need the help of an expert, you can always reach out to us here. Our team of experts at HQL will help you find a customized strategy that will cater to your needs personally.

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